How about a summer heatwave Anniversary/Moving Sale?!

How about a summer heatwave Anniversary/Moving Sale?!

August 01, 2018

Hello again everyone!

I can't believe it has been since April since I last checked in! Well, It's been a crazy summer around here in the Pacific Northwest that is for sure. The temperature finally broke today and we are under 90 for the first time in weeks. I can hear my southern and eastern coast friends laughing at me all the way over here, but hey for us it's been super hot!

The heat not withstanding, it has been an adventurous, if not stressful, summer as well. Way back in June we had our semi-official one year anniversary! I say semi, because as you may or may not know when I first started Tapir Tuesdays it began as something completely different as you see today. I started by offering higher end custom designed jewelry which wasn't tapir centric. We still donated a portion of our profits to tapir conservation, but the connection just didn't seem to make sense. Then last June we did a 180 and went whole tapir! So, while it may have not been the 100% official start of Tapir Tuesdays, it was the anniversary of the Tapir Tuesdays as you know us today. 

I am only just telling you this now because we spent June getting ready to move and July moving and getting settled in our new place! We are still in the PNW, just a bit further south. Well, if moving shows you anything, it is that you always have more stuff than you thought you did! And we do, so it's time for a sale!

Now through the end of August use code MOVING18 at check out and take 20% off your entire order! Next year we may do something a bit more traditional, or who knows this may become an annual event! 

One final thing. We want to give a huge shout out to Elena Faenkova! She is the wonderfully talented artist who created our original Toby Tapir logo, and she just sent us a beautiful water color college of Tapirs you can find our our facebook page! So pretty! Be sure to check out her shutterstock page to see more of her work. She is amazing!

Well until next time. Stay cool everyone!