Summer's almost gone...Finally!

Summer's almost gone...Finally!

September 06, 2017

Hello again everyone! I hope you were able to beat the summer heat and doldrums the last couple months. It's currently snowing ash in Seattle due to the surrounding wild fires. It's very apocalyptic movie feeling outside. I keep thinking a volcano erupted. Thoughts go out to the brave people fighting the blazes in WA, OR & CA! Be safe!

So how was you're summer vacation? Good I hope! As for me, aside from going to my first Mariner's game (they won!), I've been hard at work getting things ready for the fall and our new collection launch!

I can't tell you much right now, BUT, her name is Tilly and she is super cute! We hope to launch her in late October or early November. Just in time for the holidays! Keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram for the most up-to-date info (and our hilarious tapir memes!).

The biggest "new" news of late is the release of 3 new colors of Toby Tapir T-shirts! Along with our classic black, we now carry maroon, white & blue! All colors come in unisex sizes Small through XL. We are super excited about these new colors and want to thank eveyrone who gave us input on last month's facebook poll!

Well that's it! Short and sweet! Just like

Until next time!