Tapir Collection Update!

Tapir Collection Update!

June 29, 2017

Hello again everyone!

The summer is off to a successful start here in the Pacific Northwest. The weather has been lovely, low 70's and sunny most days. We've had a few hot ones, but nothing like the rest of the country. Everyone in the US heat dome stay safe and if you see a firefighter give them a hug, it's already a busy season!

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you know that we posted some photos of our new wooden Toby Tapir Charm Collection a couple weeks ago. We've had many questions about when we would be launching it and well, we're not quite ready yet... because we are working on another collection as well!

We're keeping the details on the 2nd collection under wraps a little while longer, but we can tell you it will be a metal collection which will include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and keychains just like the wooden Toby Tapir collection, but will also include one inch lapel pins!

The design will be different from Toby Tapir and will include two choices (I love choices!) of finish: Black & White or Silver & White. We've seen the proofs and both look excellent! We'll post preview pics like we did with the Toby Tapir collection so keep checking in on our social media!

While we await the arrival of our new collection design we have more details on the Tapir Toby Collection we can share!  

So as you may know I like options, and there will be several options of ear hooks, necklace ropes and chains to customize your Toby Tapir look no matter which piece you choose. The earrings will have five colors of ear hooks to choose from (sorry no studs with this collection), and necklaces will have your choice of imitation leather, faux suede (4 colors), raw hemp (4 colors), or nylon cord (4 choices). Or if you would like chain for your necklace you can choose from sterling silver, gun metal, gold, platinum, red copper or antique bronze. Plus you can chose if you want Toby to face to the left or right. Don't worry though, ordering will be a snap!

We want to try and release both collections at the same time so if people want to order something from each collection they don't have to pay shipping twice. We plan on releasing future collections during the year, but as these are our first two, we really want to make a splash! We hope to release them both by Labor Day but the Toby Tapir Collection for sure!

As always 20% of all our profits are donated to the Tapir Specialist Group to help in their work with tapir conservation!

Finally we want to wish you all a safe and happy Independence Day! Kris & I are out of the setting off fireworks phase of life (plus its illegal in our city. Boo...) but we still enjoy it when others do! Our dogs not so much...

Until next time!