Tapir Day '18 Sale!

Tapir Day '18 Sale!

April 04, 2018

Hello everyone!

It's almost here! World Tapir Day! This definitely calls for lots of exclamation points!!! And while the day only comes once a year, we are going to celebrate all month long! From now until April 30th use code TAPIRDAY18 at checkout and save 20% on your entire order! Every collection and every style!

Spring is coming (sometime...maybe) and the winter coats will be put away (hopefully) and that means more freedom to accessorize! Show off your tapir love with a Tilly or Thomas necklace or bracelet. Or give the gift of tapir love to another special person in your life with some tapir toe earrings. How about a quality cotton T-shirt with our Toby logo for those lazy spring Sundays? Why not go for it all and save 20% on everything! Now you can! But only until April 30th! And of course another 20% goes to tapir conservation! Win Win! So exciting!

Until next time!