E. Faenkova

Meet Amazing Artist Elena Faenkova!

When I was starting Tapir Tuesdays I knew I wanted a watercolor painting of a Tapir for the logo, however I am not a water color artist, so the search was on! After weeks of searching I found a cute little tapir on Shutterstock and instantly knew it was the look I wanted. I found the artist's name and after a quick search on Facebook she accepted my friend request and soon Toby Tapir was born.
Now we are proud to introduce an entire collection of products featuring water color paintings of each different species of tapir created by the same artist, Elena Feakova. We are excited to be able to share with you these amazing images on a variety of gifts & apparel and are confident you will love them as much as we do! Please read on to learn more about Elena and please check out her website and Shutterstock pages!



Hi, my name is Elena Faenkova, I am an animal painter, and an illustrator of books for children.

I was born in Safonovo, Russia. At 6 years old my family moved to Belarus, Gomel. Engaged in a private art studio Valentina Pokatashkina. At the age of 11, I entered a professional art school, and I later took sculpture lessons, of course animals were my favorite topic. At the age of 13 I had the first exhibition of sculptures made of clay fireclay. At the age of 15 I entered the Art College Glebova, where I studied for 5 years, and received a classical art education and a diploma of art in teaching and painting. At the age of 20, I successfully passed my exams at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Minsk.

More than 300 books of leading Russian publishing houses were published, with my illustrations as well as developing plots and postcard characters for Gorchakov companies (World of Congratulations, Planet of congratulations, Empire of congratulations, Holiday), Fine Arts published, World of Postcards and others ...

Now I devote more time to creative projects related to the animal world, especially with the rescue of rare species of animals. One of the first such projects was cooperation with CheetahConservationFoundUK (CheetahORGUK), England. I did a series of work for this organization. Charity marathon with WWF Russia. Also my works were sold at auction in London and New York, a charity exhibition, to receive funds for the support of African fauna, Sketch for Survival2018. I also collaborate with the magazine Persian Cheetah, which is produced in Iran. They use my drawings in the magazine and as covers, as well as on souvenirs, with the goal of raising funds for the cheetahs conservation fund in Iran. Now I am doing a project with a zoo in Brazil, for five animals on the verge of extinction, which have a habitat in Brazil, in order to attract attention and make souvenirs.

It is really important for me that my children and children of my children live in a world where the newest technologies and globalization harmoniously exist with nature, not damaging or destroying. Where a person understands that he is not alone on this planet, and animals have the same rights to life.

There are also many other organizations that are not indifferent to endangered animals with whom I cooperate. This is really important to me!