Malayan Tapir

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The Malayan Tapir, the largest of the four tapir species, is found from
southern Thailand and southern Myanmar (Burma) through the
Malayan Peninsular and on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.
It occurs in rainforests and lower montane forests.
It survives well in secondary, regenerating native forests.
Habitat destruction and fragmentation is the primary threat to this species.
Large scale deforestation, including illegal logging for timber,
is a major source of habitat loss.
The growth of palm oil plantations is also a major factor in habitat loss.
Hunting is also on the rise as other large "prey" species in the area are reduced in number.
A lot is still unknown about this species.
It is vulnerable to predation by tigers. Its only defense is to run through thick vegetation.
It has very thick and tough skin, particularly on its hindquarters. It also has a vicious bite.
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Malayan Tapir
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