Mountain Tapir

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The Mountain tapir is the smallest of tapir species. Their color is brownish to
black with long hair and a white line around the lips.
The adults have two characteristic hair-free patches in the rump.
They measure 1.8 meters long, 0.8 meters high, and weigh between
150 and 250 Kilos. The Mountain tapir is the smallest and most furry of the tapirs.
As with all tapir species, their young have a dappled, camouflage coat.
The primary threats to the mountain tapir are warfare and habitat loss due to
poppy farming and growth of ranching and agriculture,
driven by human population growth in the Andean region.
Hunting is no longer a major threat due to local regulations and increased
awareness of this species’ rarity and conservation status.
The mountain tapir feeds on leaves, twigs and fruits of a large number of
plant species in Andean forests and paramos.
The tapirs are important seed dispersers and a key component for the maintenance
of the structure and composition of montane forests in South America.
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